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Team section

Meet the team!

Shaun Denahn

Hey there, I'm Shaun Denahn, and I'm totally obsessed with pickleball! When I'm not on the court, I'm blogging about my pickleball adventures. Whether you're a pro or just starting out, my blog has got you covered. Come check it out and let's serve up some fun!

Aaron Lall

Hi, I'm Aaron, a passionate pickleball enthusiast and the creator of this blog. I've been playing and promoting the sport for several years, sharing my love for pickleball with players of all skill levels. Through this blog, I aim to bring you the latest news, tips, and insights into the exciting world of pickleball, helping you elevate your game and enjoy this fantastic sport even more.

Aurea Wilt

Meet Aurea Wilt, our talented editor here at the pickleball blog. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the sport, Aurea ensures that the content we share is accurate, engaging, and valuable for our readers. Her dedication to the world of pickleball and commitment to delivering top-notch articles make her an invaluable member of our team.

Review Process

Paddles: Power and Precision

🚀 Power

The Skilled Pickle knows that power matters. We measure it by the ball's speed after it connects with the paddle. The more power, the better!

🎯 Feel

The weight of a paddle impacts both power and control. Lighter paddles offer better control but less kick. We'll help you find the perfect balance!

😊 Customer Service

We want you to have a great experience, so we make sure to recommend products backed by exceptional customer service.

🧭 Control

For those who love to focus on shot placement, we know that control is critical. Our recommendations will put you in charge of the game!

🌪 Spin

How about adding some spin to your game? We assess a paddle's spin capability by its texture and angle, measuring the revolutions per minute (RPM) it can generate.

⏳ Durability

Paddles can take a beating, and we want to make sure they stand the test of time. Our recommendations are built to last!

Shoes: Speed and Comfort

🏃 Responsiveness

Lightweight shoes that respond well to various surfaces are essential for those quick lateral movements. We'll help you stay nimble on the court!

🛏 Comfort

No one wants blisters or skin issues, so we prioritize comfort in our shoe recommendations.

😊 Customer Service

Just like with paddles, great customer service is essential when it comes to shoes.

🤸 Support

We seek out shoes that provide excellent support, helping you avoid injuries and stay in the game.

🏗 Stability

For players who experience fatigue or struggle with form after playing for a while, we recommend shoes designed for extra support and stability.

⚖ Weight

Striking the perfect balance between support and responsiveness is essential. We'll help you find the ideal shoe weight!

Gear & Equipment: Performance and Reliability

🛠 Functionality

We understand the importance of ease of use, so we prioritize functionality in our research.

🏆 Credibility

Hands-on analysis isn't always possible, so we rely on credibility to verify a product's value.

⏳ Durability

Pickleball equipment can take a beating, especially outdoors. We make sure our recommendations can handle the wear and tear.

😊 Customer Service

Once again, great customer service is a must. We only recommend products backed by companies that prioritize your satisfaction.

Now that you know what The Skilled Pickle looks for in pickleball gear, you're ready to make informed decisions and elevate your game to new heights! 🥒🏓🚀